Dominique Leveque is a second generation contractor. As a teenager, he would accompany his father on road construction jobs where he learned the importance of efficiency, attention to detail and keeping a job site clean. As a young adult, he left New Hampshire and traveled to California, down through Texas until settling down in Austin in 1994, a natural landing place for an inspiring artist/musician. Throughout the mid-90s he would play in several bands. But in 2001 Dominique started a house painting company, which evolved into Another Great House. Most recently, Dominique has worked on higher end residential projects for talented architects and started his third company branding his name, Dominique Levesque Construction.
Dominique Levesque is one of those rare individuals who marries both passionate artistry with dogged industriousness. Each architectural detail is carefully considered so that the whole project becomes a work of art greater than the sum of its parts. 

Growing up in rural New England cultivated this reverence for nature. The birds often spoke to him of freedom and a love for the Source of creation. This passion for the natural world shows up in his building work today. Each project seeks to bring the outside in. The use of natural elements like fine hardwoods and stone can be found both inside and outside his homes. He was one of the first builders in Austin to embrace the Green building movement. Austin Energy has rated five of his homes with Five-Stars, the highest Green rating a project can receive. And one of his early projects was featured on the Discovery Channel’s green building TV show “Greenovate,” as an example of an environmentally-conscious green renovation of an existing home. Since then he has worked hard to build quality homes with integrity in the central Austin area as the housing boom has erupted.
In 2001 Dominique started a house painting company, which has evolved into Another Great House. Another Great House has continued to develop a reputation in the Brentwood, Crestview and Allandale neighborhoods, and around central Austin, for their excellence and, specifically, for Dominique’s integrity. He has built dozens of homes, including speculative houses, new homes for clients and remodel-additions. There is no one who can dispute Dominique’s hard work and honesty. Those qualities are the real undercurrent that drives the success of the business.
Dominique Levesque Construction is an architectural home & specialty construction builder specializing in high-end residential and commercial construction. Dominique Levesque is an artist and craftsman; everything he touches becomes a little more beautiful, a little more refined. Dominique is a perfect partner to architects because he respects their designs and strives to fulfill their visions to their fullest. Dominique Levesque Construction builds high-quality homes and specialty commercial projects with efficiency and consistent precision. His efficiency comes from Dominique’s knack for organization, cleanliness, and the pursuit of excellence no matter the project.